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Guess I Much I Love You - Sam McBratney

Guess I Much I Love You - Sam McBratney

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"Guess how much I love you," says Little Nutbrown Hare. Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves him: as wide as he can reach and as far as he can hop.

But Big Nutbrown Hare, who can reach farther and hop higher, loves him back just as much. Well then Little Nutbrown Hare loves him right up to the moon, but that's just halfway to Big Nutbrown Hare's love for him.


Deluxe hardcover edition featuring embossing on the cover and a new, larger trim size, perfect for lap sharing.

Illustrated by Anita Jeram

32 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 1988

This edition : December 2010

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