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Being a feminist is a big part of myself now, but, to be honest, I didn't always see the point when I was younger. If I had read, back then, some of the great books I read now, maybe this would have been different.

These days, being feminist is more important than ever. For girls, even more importantly, boys, and all gender as well. Feminism is for every-body (see here, the very subtle hint to announce a blog post/book recommendations on Body Positivity coming soon...)

Honestly, it's really about equality.

So, I wanted to share with you some of my top recommendation for feminist books. [I tried to keep it short, but I have about a million recommendations, so I'll share the rest for future blog post]


Book Recommendations


For Children:


Feminist Baby - Loryn Brantz

She Persisted - Chelsea Clinton & Alexandra Boiger

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein - Linda Bailey & Júlia Sardà

Mary Wears What She Wants - Keith Negley

Burying the Moon (En) / Enterrer la Lune (Fr) - Andrée Poulin & Sonali Zohra

Mama (En) / Maman (Fr) - Hélène Delforge & Quentin Gréban

The Girl and The Wolf - Katherena Vermette & Julie Flett

Girl on a Motorcycle - Amy Novesky & Julie Morstad

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History - Vashti Harrison


For Everyone Else:


Secret of the Witch (En) / Secret de sorcières (Fr) - Julie Légère, Elsa Whyte & Laura Pérez

Where are the Women ? A Guide to an Imagined Scotland - Sara Sheridan

If I Go Missing (En) / Si je disparais (Fr) - Brianna Jonnie, Nahanni Shingoose & Neal Shannacappo

Je pense que j'en aurai pas (Fr) - Catherine Gauthier


I wish I could sell all of these amazing titles, but unfortunately I don't. (Working on it, though!)

The one I have will have a link to the product. Also, you can search "Feminism" in the website's search bar at the top and check our full collection. 

For the rest, please, remember to shop at your local independent bookshop, if you can 💚


Let us know what's your favorite feminist book in comment bellow!

Lots of love, 



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