About Our Books

In order to be eco-conscious, we take great care to select carefully each book we sell.

Our selection of books is made of secondhand, remaindered and new books.


Secondhand books:

Also called "used" books, secondhand books are previously owned and loved. When we get them, they are carefully cleaned and we make sure that they're still in great condition (brand-new, or almost).

We also try to repair small damages or imperfections in the book, when possible.


Remaindered books:

Also called "bargain" books, they are made up of publisher's excess books or overstock, which are all unread and in great condition.

Because the book industry is fast and new books are printed regularly, brick-and-mortar bookstores returns their overstock to the publisher to make room for new books that have just been published. In addition, publisher can't afford to warehouse all unsold books indefinitely and the alternative to remaindering is pulping.

Most books are discreetly marked with a small line or dot on the edge of the pages, which ensures that the books will not be returned to the publisher (some books have no marks on the edge but most of them do). 

Here are some example of the small line/dot that our remainder books can have:


New books: 

All exclusively printed in Canada or US, using sustainable practices regarding paper, ink and manufacturing. 

If a book is new, "New" is going to be specified in the description.

Our process:

Before ordering any books or items, we ask every publishing houses about their environmental practices (for example: printing location, type of paper & ink used, location of their warehouses, transport, packaging).
With this process, we can guarantee that every New book sold at Terrier Books is careful hand-selected following strict eco-friendly practices. 

Currently our New books comes the following publishing houses: 

- Orca Books, Victoria, BC, CA

- Inhabit Books, Iqaliut, NU, CA

- WaveMaker Press, Nanaimo, BC, CA


If you need more information about a specific product, please email us at info@terrierbooks.com or go to the Contact Us page.